A lifetime of construction experience

Benchwood Builders is owned and operated by Mike Slaven, a Red Seal certified carpenter whose building experience can be traced back to his childhood where he learned the art of woodworking at his father’s side. His education continued with carpentry, project management, and most every other aspect of the building business. At Benchwood Builders, it is our wide range of knowledge and experience that really sets us apart. Our construction methods not only result in a superior finished product, but have been recognized and adapted as the gold standard by some of the country's leading architects.

A personal commitment to your success

Our guiding philosophy is built on the core principle of personal involvement. High-end home construction demands personal attention, and Benchwood Builders is fully invested in making your dream home a reality. For close to 30 years, Mike has always been there for his clients, and his passion for building is evident in everything he creates. It is exactly this ideology that defines everything we do at Benchwood Builders.